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Who Owns Mr Green Online Casino?

Mr Green Online Casino has been around for over a decade, providing an exciting and immersive gaming experience to millions of players. But who owns the casino? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the ownership of this popular online casino.

Mr Green is owned by the Swedish company Mr Green & Co AB, which is part of William Hill plc.

The company was founded in 2007 by three entrepreneurs

Fredrik Sidfalk, Henrik Bergquist, and Mikael Pawlo

Owns Mr Green Casino

The trio have since gone on to become some of the most successful businessmen in Sweden,
and their company now operates in more than 12 countries across Europe.

How William Hill has offered to buy Mr. Green?

William Hill plc acquired Mr Green & Co AB in 2019 for $282 million. This acquisition allowed William Hill to expand its presence into new markets, while also allowing it to benefit from Mr Green’s expertise in online gaming and customer service. The acquisition was seen as a win-win situation for both companies; William Hill was able to further diversify its portfolio and expand its customer base, while Mr Green gained access to additional resources that would help them grow even further.

Since then, Mr Green has continued to offer a top-notch gaming experience with a wide variety of slots, table games and live dealer games. It also offers generous promotions and bonuses that can help players boost their bankrolls even more. What’s more, the casino has implemented numerous responsible gambling measures designed to help keep players safe while they enjoy their favorite games.

What is Mr Green’s Green Gaming Programme?

Blog Introduction: Mr Green’s Green Gaming Programme is a unique initiative that the online casino has launched to promote responsible gambling. This programme provides customers with tools and information to help them make informed decisions about their gaming habits. It also offers players the opportunity to customize their own gaming experience and set limits on how much they can spend, how often they can play, and what type of games they can access. Let’s take a closer look at this programme and how it works.

How Does The Programme Work? 

The Green Gaming Programme uses advanced analytics and data-driven insights to track players’ gambling activity. This helps players identify any potential risks associated with their gaming habits, such as playing too long or spending too much money. Players are then able to make adjustments accordingly to ensure that the gaming experience remains enjoyable for them.

The programme also allows players to customize their own gaming experience by setting personal limits on how much they can spend, how often they can play, and what type of games they can access. This ensures that players stay in control of their gambling activity at all times. Additionally, the programme also provides customers with useful tips on responsible gambling as well as helpful links to external support services if needed.

Finally, Mr Green’s Green Gaming Programme includes an innovative Reality Check feature which reminds players when it is time for a break from gaming by displaying an alert every hour reminding them of how long they have been playing for. Players are then given the option of taking a break or continuing with their game session if desired.


Mr Green Online Casino has come a long way since it first opened its doors in 2007. Now owned by William Hill plc., it continues to provide an exciting gaming experience with generous promotions and bonuses, as well as responsible gambling measures that ensure players are kept safe while they play. If you’ve been wondering who owns Mr Green Online Casino – now you know!

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