Taking New York City's refuse "away" consumes 30 million gallons of fuel a year and releases 170,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.  The City pays nearly a million dollars a day for the privilege of dumping its waste in strangers' backyards--in places like Pennsylvania and Ohio and Virginia and South Carolina. It will cost half-again as much five years from now, because landfills are getting even farther away.

There are better solutions out there.  But they would be easier to talk about if everyone could see them.

ClosedLoops, 2013

ClosedLoops, 2013

ClosedLoops, 2013 (click to enlarge)

We could start by building a mini demonstration in the heart of Madison Square Park to directly observe pneumatic collection of organics, and reflect upon the all-too-often-ignored issues of urban waste.

The Shake Chute was conceived for the November 10, 2013 CaLL/WALKS, with Ellen Driscoll, organized by MARY MISS/CITY as LIVING LABORATORY in its continuing series for the BROADWAY: 1000 Steps project, with support from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and in conjunction with MARFA DIALOGUES/NEW YORK.


Shake Chute flyer